Friday, February 23, 2007

Bento, no Knitto

So, busy with life = not knitting. And not knitting = not blogging. Or apparently that's the equation that I've inadvertently proven. I haven't done much knitting since finishing Calorimetry. I really want to get back to working on the Sandy Cardigan from Big Girl Knits. I keep seeing everyone else's sweaters and I'm getting jealous.

I did get back to making bento lately. I don't have a photo of my latest creation, but here is a particularly tasty, recent one.

Top is leftover cajun chicken pasta from a recent Red Lobster trip, along with sesame green beans and cucumber flowers. Bottom is spinach, tomato, cucumber salad with piggie of dressing, cheese stars, and some Koala cookies, strawberry gummies, and a few apple wafers. Yum!


Karin said...

wow that's so cute!

ANNNDD my verification code just now?


That's right, it says KNIT.

Yeah, I'm too amused by this :).

Larae said...

Those look delicious. Where did you find the containers and the little salad dressing holder?? They look like the perfect size for a yummy lunch.