Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dum Bells...

"Dum dum da dum" that is. I haven't posted in awhile because I am planning my wedding! August 12, 2007 baby. It's been crazy nuts over here, getting the major things booked and planned. Now that we have a venue, a caterer, and a baker I feel like I have time to breathe. And knit. I'm working on a Calorimetry for myself out of Paton's Rumor. Soooooooooo soft but kind of a bitch to knit with. I hope it doesn't come out ginormous. I am using relatively small needles because a lot of people I know have had trouble with the finished garment being way too big even though they got gauge. I have a huge dome, so I don't really foresee a problem, but I want it snug so it doesn't fall off. I'll probably finish it this week.

Also, I'm now working just a few hours a week as a teaching assistant for my advisor in his first level programming class. After feeling like a moron in my other classes, it's nice to show up and actually know what I'm doing. Plus the silent looks of awe and worship from the kids who are totally confused is great fodder for the ego.

Friday, January 19, 2007

School and snow hit all at once

Well, the first week of school is done. I only fell once, and thank goodness it was into soft snow. The only thing I hurt was my pride. Seeing as I fall once a winter at a minimum, I'm glad it was into snow and left me completely unbruised. We're all cozy and settled in here for the night. There is a big winter storm moving in and is supposed to snow all weekend. Good news for the skiers I guess, since this is opening weekend for the Arizona Snowbowl. I am happy too, because the weather is a valid excuse to stay inside, bake bread, and play World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade all day. I mean, I do that anyway, but y'know... nice to have a valid excuse.

Oh, and check out this boss mouse pad my grandma sent me. I seriously dig this.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mom's Present: A Great Success

I gave my momma the hat and fingerless hand warmers I made her. She LOVES them. Wore them all day. Actually, less than 2 hours after she put them on, she had already got a compliment. She said she wants to show all her coworkers and brag about how awesome her daughter is at knitting. While I'm flattered, and extremely pleased that she loves the set, I laugh when she says I'm awesome. I'm far from awesome. In fact, half the time I MacGyver my knitting into looking presentable. But I have to say I'm really pleased how this set turned out. The hat is my own pattern, which I am going to attempt to write up very soon and post. The mitts are modified from this pattern. Whatcha think?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holy Snowdrifts, Batman!

It's official, I have returned from my hiatus on blogging and knitting. Winter break has that kind of effect on me. Everything gets put on hold except watching TV in my pajamas and eating freakish quantities of food. But my beloved mother's birthday shocked me back out of my knitting slump. I never did finish the hat I promised her for Christmas... actually I never even started it (BAD HOBBIT!). But in a grand effort to redeem myself, I have a hat and wristlet set knitted and waiting her arrival on Monday. They're knitted in Noro Silk Garden, in my very own, very first pattern! Can you believe it? Me! I made a pattern! Well ok, the wristlets were a pattern mod from someone else, but the hat is mine. My own. My precious. I can't post photos until she actually receives, and even then it will be a challenge to capture her on film. She's one of the rare, elusive ex-Texas homecoming queens. And while aging has treated her very well and she is still gorgeous, she still dodges the camera at every possible chance.

In other news, Winter '07 officially started on January 12th. I don't count the 1st - 11th, since we had absolutely no snow. None. But a large winter storm moved our way, and dumped about a foot of snow on the 12th. I spent about 20 minutes just brushing massive quantities of snow off my car. My father eschews all things winter-y, and seemed generally amused at my irritation with the car-snow scenario. He keeps up this weird hope that, the more he pokes fun at the weather here, I'll magically realize that winter sucks and I should move back to the desert. But I have a better solution to all of this: I just need a garage. I don't mind the cold or the having to warm up the car. I just mind having to spend 20 minutes of my "could be sleeping" time brushing off a snowdrift.