Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Posting About Not Posting

Hey all. I have a huge database project due this week so I haven't had much to post about. I did get a little more done on the Sandy cardigan. Got one whole back panel finished and started the second. Unfortunately photos and further progress will have to wait until the database of doom is finished.

Here's a little somethin' to tide you over 'till next time...

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Knitting Spot

Woo hoo! Got the house cleaned this week (with great amounts of help from me mum) and now I have a knitting spot! Check it:

And a shot without flash, to show the relaxing lighting...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Socks and box

I finished my dad's birthday present, a pair of slippers. I have not yet felted them, but I plan on doing that tonight. They are SOOOOOOO easy to knit and knit up really quickly. I did one whole sock in 2 hours while watching Court TV.

Also, I finally started using my lovely bento box. I will try to post photos of them regularly. Here is today's bento (more info on flickr):

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cats in the Night

So y'all have heard me rant on our kitten, Tweek. Tweekie McTweekersons. Well he's got a new name now. Spazmondo the Psychotic Feline. Last night, The Boy and I went out to get some late night fast food. It was a normal night, dark and chilly and smelling of fires in fireplaces. Cozy Flagstaff. Then the storm broke.

We no more than cracked the door to come in when Tweek streaked out into the front yard. Too stunned to close the door fast enough, Frodo was able to follow. Normally when the boys get out, they go down two apartments and flop in the dirt to roll around. Nope. Not this time. Tweek takes off at light speed. I mean seriously people, he was a streak. You couldn't have told the difference between him and any other cat.

So the boys race around the back of the building and into darkness. I grabbed the treat jar and started rattling. I hear a galloping noise and some strange cat-like grumblings. Fur flies past my feet. Then Tweek approaches me in the hopes of treats. I grab him, hand him to The Boy who promptly puts Tweek inside. NO! Tweek escapes again, although luckily contained by the back yard fence. Quickly grabbed and stuffed inside, I go in search of Frodo.

Frodo totally blends into the shadows. He's the Ninjacat. Luckily for me, the neighbors cat was staring intently at a corner of its yard so I was able to find the Fro. I called him once and he came over like "Hey mom, there's cat poop in this yard. I was just smelling it, but I'll go inside now." The ordeal over, I take my cat and go home.


And Tweek escapes AGAIN! This time he's running light speed across the front yard, back and forth, back and forth. His tail is bushy. He's doing the sporadic kitten-jumping-sideways-while-running thing, and generally being completely insane. It takes The Boy and I almost 20 minutes to catch the little bastard. If that wasn't enough, we then had to listen to Tweek wail and moan at the doors of the house begging to be let out.

I swear, I don't know how we deal with him.


Monday, October 23, 2006

A Day In My Life

The following photos are from October 17th. I didn't have time to upload them until today though.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tasha, Tasha, Tasha!

Well, part of it anyway. I have the bottom and one side done. This is my first foray into cabelling and I am liking it so far. The simple cable on Tasha is perfect, and very easy to memorize with only a 7 row repeat. Sorry for the crap photo. Late night combined with poor lighting means blurry photo. The flash photo was worse. Ah well.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

LA Loot and Angry Cat

So my parents recently took a cruise to Mexico that left from the Port of Los Angeles. I just had to jump at the opportunity to make my mother go to Mitsuwa and bring me back goodies. And bless the lovely woman, she got me what I wanted and more! Check out the goods:

A ton of Pocky in my favorite flavors, a bento and toys, strawberry gummies, an awesome steamer, and all the Ramune I can drink. Go mom.

In other news, Evie was apparently quite angry with me for cleaning up the house and destroying her hiding places... dirty laundry, open closets, unorganized yarn stash. You get the idea.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Unproductivity and Felting

Today has been spent mooning over new projects and not working on any current ones. I'm planning on knitting Sandy from Big Girl Knits, and I'm still working out what colors and changes I am going to make. On the upside, I did finish knitting my mother's scarf. It's in Patons Bohemian, and I will get a pic of her wearing it when she visits cold Flagstaff.

Over the weekend, I was productive. I finished and felted my new bag. I knit it out of Paintbox in a lovely blue and purple mix. However, when I pulled it out of the washer, it had holes! Two large holes! People, I'm talking holes the size of half dollars, not dimes. I swore loudly and still can't figure out how that happened, unless the makers of Paintbox did something to denature the wool. All is not lost, as I plan to sew in a pocket and use one hole as a cell phone pouch. The other hole I'm going to disguise with some sort of felted flower. It is sitting in shame in my mom's washing room. I'm not sure if I forgot it, or left it purposely out of spite and frustration. But anyway, on her visit she will bring it and I can hopefully salvage the thing.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Yarn and Being Nosy

Whoo hoo! I got some new Trekker XXL yarn in a GORGEOUS colorway. I am housesitting at the moment, so I will have to post photos when I get back home. Just excited is all.

Also, my friend is doing "A Day In My Life" photo study that I will be contributing to soon. I'll keep y'all posted.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

OMG Productivity!

So this weekend was nice 'n relaxing. The Boy and I played World of Warcraft a lot, and then he took me out to a burger joint for a date. I loves me flame grilled cow. But aside from that, we've done a whole lotta nothing this weekend. I've been taking many naps. That's about it... until tonight. I got really angry at how dirty the house is (see earlier post), so tonight I decreed that the kitchen be cleaned. I would have taken some before photos, but I don't want Cat Protective Services to come and take away my babies. But voila! Here is my cleaned kitchen in all it's tiny, cramped glory.

This photo is not as impressive, as the refrigerator blocks the cleaned countertop.
And here is the more impressive side of the kitchen. Check out those countertops, y'all. And the whiteness of the stove. I scrubbed that thing back to it's rented glory.

And The Boy also helped me hang the stained glass that I got from my mom (ignore the pathetic plant, I'm trying to save it).

My First Jewelry

Ok, here ya go. An actual craft post!

I started making jewelry recently, and the "Tree of Life" necklaces have become my favorite thing to make. They're super easy, and there's a tutorial here for those interested.