Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Wedding Countdown

21 Days. 21 DAYS y'all! Gosh I can't believe it's creeping up. So here are a few updates.

The shawl:
I am officially 4 repeats away from finishing the length of the shawl. Then I will have to knit the border. I really really hope I can finish the damned thing in time. One option is to knit the border later, and just use it borderless for the wedding. We'll see.

Bachelorette Party:
Went out on the town with my maid of honor. It was very fun, and I got my first tattoo. It's a cat doodle that has been kind of a family symbol for a few generations now. I got it a little more stylized and I looooove it. Here we are posing as pirates:

The dress:
It fits! Totally gorgeous too. I got my bustier so now my boobs fill it out better. It's a little gappy on the top, but nothing a little double sided carpet tape can't fix.

The shoes:
I'm so bummed. I got the cutest burgundy heels to wear with my dress. I tried them on and they fit just fine. WELL, I attempted to stand around for 15 minutes the other day during a dress fitting, and I almost died. I can't do heels. So now I'm back to zero on shoes. At least I can still return the heels.

The job hunt:
Don't ask.

The wedding:
Everything is getting done. Mos tthings have been taken care of. Now it's just waiting for the week before, to do the last minute stuff.

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