Sunday, September 23, 2007

Say Hello to Lucy

The husband and I adopted a puppy a week or so ago. Her name is Lucy, and she's about 5 months old and 23 pounds. The vet doesn't expect her to get too much bigger. We think she's a Basenji mix of some sort. She's very very sweet, and loves to get petted and give kisses. She gets along with the cats pretty well, although the cats don't seem to like her (figures). We're working on housebreaking and "sit" at the moment. She's got "sit" down pretty well, and she consistently does her potty business on the puppy pads. I think things are going well. She cuddles with us at night, and is my buddy whenever I'm home. She loves her daddy too. Her favorite treats thus far have been cow chew hooves, beef knuckles, and pup-peroni. Also, she's tolerant of clothing. I found a t-shirt on sale at Target for $3 so I grabbed it for her. She also has a pink winter coat. The shirt was frivolous, but the coat is practical (and cute). She's very short haired and her belly is practically bald. The mornings have been in the upper 30s/low 40s when I take her out, and she shivers and is oh so happy to get back inside.

Welcome Home Lucy!

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Dixie said...

She's a lucky Lucy....Mom