Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not a whole helluva lot

As of late, the usual winter sickness has descended upon our house. My husband is only mildly affected, but I'm just a big bundle of head cold. I'm taking the morning off today to try to get my head dried out. Ugh.

In crafting news, I have a lot of news.... but I can't really talk about it. I've been doing a TON of crafting for The 12 Days of Christmas Swap on But, since my partner won't have opened all her presents until Christmas, I'm afraid I can't talk about her gifts until then.

On the dog front, Lucy is a destroyer. She's been really frustrating lately with all her chewing and ripping. She's also not really getting the whole housetraining thing, which is really upsetting. Still, we love her little goofy face and we will keep trying to train her. She is just a pup, after all.

Cats are doing well. Tweek keeps escaping but we're learning to deal with it. The girls are cuddly as ever, and of course Frodo does what Frodos do. Really no news with them. The kitties are just loveable and healthy.

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