Thursday, September 07, 2006


I've been crafting my head off here, and I can't post any photos because all my crafting has been for swap partners on Craftster. But let's see, what else have I done lately that I can talk about...

Started learning UNIX today in my CIS 320 class. I've worked with it some, but definately am a n00b. It's funny, when I don't know the UNIX command I try to use the DOS command, just like when I don't know the German word I try to use the Spanish word. Maybe that's only funny to me. And maybe it's not funny. But it's interesting (no it's not). Ahem.

So the current standing of my knitting WIPs: one Patons Bohemian garter stitch scarf, one soy silk drop stitch scarf, Paint Box purse that will eventually be felted, Banana Silk purse, one alpaca blend lace wrap, and one of two fingerless gloves completed. The scarves, purses, and wrap are all in various states of unfinished-ness. I'm trying to curb my desire to knit with some of my new yarns... I got Sari Silk, and this super soft stuff that I"m not sure what it is.... kind of a cross between boulce and fun fur, but not nearly as disgusting as that combination sounds. I'm also waiting for some yarn to come in to make MagKnit's Odessa hat for my friend.

As for the cats, someone has been puking in devious little places that I either find by foot, or spy whilst eating. Either way is unpleasant. Frodo is usually the one blamed for everything, but this morning I heard a hacking while Frodo was present for his morning cuddle, so it can't be him. Unless... do you think cats can psychically bi-locate, and Frodo was simultaneously puking on my living room rug while being petted and kissed by me before I got out of bed? Scary thought.

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