Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My not-so-stunning epiphany

I came home today in utter dispair, as I surveyed the damage that a lazy boyfriend and girlfriend can wreak on a household. Especially when there's 4 cats to throw in a little surprise barf or piddle. And I came to a realization.... The reason I am not being in any way productive lately is because I literally have nowhere to do said production. The desk is a mess with crafting supplies, the sewing table has become the "I don't want to put away laundry, let's heap the clean stuff over here" surface of doom, and the knitting has migrated into 3 rooms now. I need to clean, y'all. It's bad. So I'm dedicating this blog, at least for awhile, to my cleaning misadventures. And no, this doesn't mean that we're going into a season of 3 months with no posts since I didn't do anything about cleaning... I hope.

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