Monday, January 15, 2007

Mom's Present: A Great Success

I gave my momma the hat and fingerless hand warmers I made her. She LOVES them. Wore them all day. Actually, less than 2 hours after she put them on, she had already got a compliment. She said she wants to show all her coworkers and brag about how awesome her daughter is at knitting. While I'm flattered, and extremely pleased that she loves the set, I laugh when she says I'm awesome. I'm far from awesome. In fact, half the time I MacGyver my knitting into looking presentable. But I have to say I'm really pleased how this set turned out. The hat is my own pattern, which I am going to attempt to write up very soon and post. The mitts are modified from this pattern. Whatcha think?


Karin said...

OMG that picture is too cute!

Krafty Kitten said...

Very cute. :) I made my mom some Fetching-inspired gloves ot of Kureyon to replace the Knucks she lost recently. I wish I'd gotten pictures.
She also likes to brag to her rather jealous coworkers and show off her cool knitted stuff. Hehe.