Monday, June 25, 2007

Desperation meets Tight Jeans

So, my favorite pair of jeans fell apart on my recent trip to the Midwest. I think the humidity combined with the heat from thigh friction killed them. I am tired of wearing skirts and I wanted to wear comfortable jeans again. In a fit of desperation and maybe a little insanity, I began rummaging through my fabric stash like a mad woman. Much to my dismay, the color scheme of my fabric remnants is decidedly monochromatic. Ok, not monochromatic, but definitely on the dark side of things. No reds, no vivid blues, no tans to be found. But, warrior woman that I am, I didn't let it stand in my way. No sir. I cut and sewed and swore and seamed and swore. After an hour, Miss Random Pants was born. The jeans went from being rather tight to WAY too big. I could take them in easily, but I'm tired so that'll wait for another day.

Wedding crafts? What wedding crafts? *hums innocently*

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Anonymous said...

I like your idea for the jeans. They are very cute.