Friday, June 01, 2007

Wedding Blues

Today I've been pretty cranky, as far as crankiness goes. I have been working like crazy on my wedding shawl, and apparently caused a lovely case of tendinitis in my right arm. I drank some Pain-Go-Bye-Bye Juice though, and I'm in the mood for blogging.

It's been awhile... much longer than I like to have in between posts. But there's a good reason. Several actually. After the last post, classes picked up a helluva lot and then of course finals hit. During all of this I'm planning a wedding, attempting to find a job, failing at keeping my home clean, and pretty much completely losing my mind. Immediately after finals were over, I started a Philosophy class entitled PHI 105: Introduction to Bullshit*. As of this writing, that class is over and I have survived. I start another class on Monday though, so the saga continues.

In wedding news, I managed to hand-make 50 invitations and send them out. That may not sound like much, but when you consider that, on the invitation inserts alone, I rubber-stamped a flower 250 times... well you get the idea. Here are a few lovely photos:


As for general crafting, I've done pretty much jack. Too stressed and too tired to really settle down to all the projects calling to me from the Unfinished Crafts Closet of Shame. Someday, my pretties. Someday.

And of course, for your random gratification, a cat photo:

*ok not really, but it sure felt like it

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Samsara said...

Cats just love boxes don't they? Sorry to hear about the tendinitis!