Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Wedding

What a beautiful wedding! Everything was perfect. My dress fit great, neither of us fell, and now I can officially call him “The Hubs” instead of “The Boy.” The ceremony was gorgeous. I walked in on a rose petal walkway to Pachebel’s Canon in D. The vows and ring exchange was short, and my maid of honor read an awesome poem she wrote. We marched out as man and wife to the Star Wars theme (that got a few cheers and laughs).

I have to take a moment and mention my beautiful bouquet. The Hubs' aunt is a florist, so she made it for me. It was absolutely gorgeous, with burgundy mini-callas and snapdragons (my favorite)!

Our photographers were our family members. Must have been about 30 cameras going off. I felt like a celebrity in front of the paparazzi. Dinner was excellent, with delicious blackened salmon. The cake was GORGEOUS and very very tasty. It was a chocolate cake, with mocha buttercream frosting between the layers, and covered in dark chocolate ganache.

I got tons of compliments on my DIY stuff: the favors, the programs, everything. That was the best feeling. I was afraid people wouldn’t notice all the hard work I put in to designing everything. But all that work was paid off and then some.

Dancing was relatively low-key. Not too many folks wanted to dance, so we just had our first dance, and then the father/daughter and mother/son dance together. Then we got the Led out. By this point though, most people were tired and some were already leaving. We left in our fabulously decorated car, and had an amazing suite at the hotel. The next morning, life was gloriously back to normal. We spent most of the day lounging around at home, just enjoying the solitude.

Coming soon, Our Honeymoon!

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