Sunday, October 28, 2007


This Saturday I took Lucy Dog down to the bark park for the Howlaween party. She, of course, went dressed as a Princess with her little pink princess hat. She also was dressed as a spoiled brat in her "Will beg for treats" t-shirt. When we got there, I think there were about 20 dogs. By the time of the costume contest, there must have been near 50 dogs there. And Lucy's little friend Maddy (a french bulldog) was there, so the two girls played and wrassled while the contest took place. Lucy wouldn't sit still enough for me to want to stand in line with her. Besides, it was a holiday and I thought she should play. There were a lot of ridiculously cute costumes, like the Pekingese dressed as a bee, the Bloodhound dragon, and the Boxer batman. I think the best costume of the day was the chicken... not a dog in a chicken costume. No. A chicken in a dog costume. OMG it was hilarious. The chicken actually won an honorable mention in the contest, not being able to take home a prize since technically it wasn't a dog. Overall, it was a good day. No plans here for the actual Halloween, except to scare myself silly with ghost shows and pass out candy.

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