Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Asshattery

I'm walking in downtown Flagstaff, back to my office. See, I had forgotten to pack a lunch, so I walked 2 blocks over to the local Pita Pit (tasty place, I must say). I usually bring my food back to the office because I have no one to eat with... and I usually don't like sitting alone in a place. It's not so much a needy thing. I'm perfectly capable of going places independently. But it's more that I tend to stare at people, usually contemplating odd thoughts such as how much their head weighs, are those Mick Jagger's lips, etc. I get dirty looks. So I am heading back to the office with my soda and chips in purse, pita in hand. A strapping young man opens the garbage can in front of me. Then he sees me and asks me for money for lunch. I think, probably a college student. Guy doesn't look homeless or underfed. But I have no money on me. "No, sorry" I answer politely. Then the guy looks at my pita and asks "Do you want that?" ..... uh...... what? Do I want that? Apparently I would leave my desk and walk 2 blocks and pay some money for something I didn't want... something that I might throw in the very trash can he was looking in? WTF? I kind of gave him a weird look and walked onward, mumbling to myself about what kind of bullshit question was that?

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Dixie said...

Hey Kid, He probably thought that was your left over. In that case, it might have been dinner. Mom