Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recap, now that I have the will and the sanity

I haven't had much of a will to write about all the things that have happened since we moved to Phoenix. I don't know if I will ever blog it all since I don't really want to rehash all that nonsense. The short version is presented here, in the form of a timeline.

September 2008 - Hubs and I buy our first home. Jobs are going well. Happiness.

October 2008 - Welcomed new dog, Angel, to the family. Lucy's happy, we're happy.

November 2008 - I get laid off. Things get scary.

January 2009 - Hubs loses his job. Mass panic ensues. Depression imminent. No health insurance, no medications. Yay!

February 2009 - I get AWESOME job.... in Flagstaff. For those not from AZ, that's about 150 miles away. Hubs lives in Phoenix, I live in Flagstaff. We visit on weekends. Without going into more detail (since I've been talking of little else with the Hubs lately and frankly I'm tired of thinking about it), this living situation is the most financially sound choice.

All in all, things are looking up. But yeah, you can see why I haven't had the heart to blog much in the last 4 months. Anyway, the goal now is to sit tight and hope Obama can fix the economy enough that Hubs and I can live in the same city again.

Good news, I've been at my new job 3 weeks and got my first paycheck. It's almost $500 more than I'm used to bringing home! So that will help things. Settling into life here, getting used to the new routine. Next week I get to go to the doctor again and get my meds refilled. Nothing makes for crazy and grouchy than being overstressed and undermedicated. Also, I'm going to get tested for new eyeglasses, so good-bye needless headaches. And lastly, I just bought a mega comfortable bed. This is a HUGE issue since I've slept on an air mattress and a rock-hard-awful twin for the last 3 weeks. Good-bye back pain.

Aside from catching up, the purpose of this post is to say that I've decided to make March the month I will blog every day. I finally feel calm and in control of life enough to do it. You'll recall that it was one of my "To Do in '09" items.

And in closing, since I hate reading blog posts without any pictures (because yes, I am that grade school):

Our Angel

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Karin said...

I wish you the best in getting to the same city as your husband! And I look forward to reading your posts.