Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another day, another blog entry.

And so a new week begins. I drove back to Flagstaff tonight, unloaded the computer and got it set up. I have a few more things to unpack. I try to bring a little bit up at a time. I want to bring up my Lack shelves I bought at IKEA a long time ago, but I'm not sure how well the in-laws would like me drilling holes in their walls.

I left both dogs home this week. I hate leaving everybody, especially the hubs. But last week when I brought Lucy up, it was easier to leave. But hubs and Angel missed her, and she's staying down there for now. I'm going to make up the lonely afternoons by rediscovering the library. I have been wanting to read a lot lately, and with the penny-pinching, I thought it was a great time to rekindle an old habit. When I was little, mom took me to the library all the time and I have good memories of it.

Tomorrow I'm going to the eye doctor. My Rx is in serious need of reevaluation. I'm getting headaches a lot from squinting. I am also looking forward to picking up some frames. I'm trying to decide on the style. Hubs says to stay with the black plastic, and I probably will. I think I'm going for something more square this time though.

So that's it for today. No picture, sorry. It's late, I'm tired. Better luck next time.

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