Thursday, March 03, 2011

Second Bariatrician Visit

I had my second visit with the bariatrician today. We went over my lab work and I am highly deficient in Vitamin D (normal for obese people), but my hemoglobin count was WAY low. So low in fact that it would prevent surgery. Luckily, this is most likely due to my excessively long and heavy period (have been bleeding pretty much constantly since Thanksgiving 2010). I'm on birth control now to get my cycle under control and the Dr wants me to take iron supplements. Hopefully over the next 8 weeks the extra iron + lack of bleeding will bring me back up to normal levels.

It is also time to schedule my psych eval. I'm a little nervous but I am sure it won't be a major deal. My next appointment with the bariatrician has been scheduled and I will be taking a few classes on the same day.

I'm still Diet Coke free. The Dr said that there have been studies that proove that diet sodas cause craving of "bad" foods (like fast food and sugar). I'd never have believed it before, but now that I've been off Diet Coke for a month, I totally buy it.

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Toni Marie said...

So, I have been trying to explain to Ryeleigh about the surgery. I told her it will male mommy smaller and she responded-"But mommy, I don't want you to change, I like you all soft!" Then yesterday afternoon, when they picked me up from the preop testing I get in the car and the 1st thing she said is, "Mommy, did they make you skinny?" I thought it was so cute because she has no prejudice yet about weight and size. She makes me so I have tried to call you and talk, give me a call already!