Friday, March 25, 2011

Strength in Weakness

So recently I haven't been feeling well. Feels like some sort of flu bug. While wallowing in my self pity, I had a weak moment and purchased a bottle of Diet Coke. This is after over a month of being soda free. Well, I opened it, took a swig and the first thing in my head was "OMG YUCK! I can't believe I used to drink this crap!" Seriously, I couldn't take another sip and ended up giving the bottle to my husband. So I feel very comforted now, knowing that I don't even like the taste of it anymore. My moment of weakness has completely obliterated my cravings for Diet Coke. I feel stronger than ever now in my ability to stay off soda forever.

As my husband said: "You're now officially de-toxed."

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Toni Marie said...

Holy crap! I did the same thing last week! Chris went to Sonic and got my an iced tea and himself a coke. He set his right next to mine and while on the computer I reached and grabbed what I thought was mine and took a huge swig-GAG!!!! It tasted so VILE, I literally started gagging! So glad I won't ever drink that again! I wonder post surgery how many other things we will never want to put into our nouths again! On a lighter note-when we hang out on my flagstaff tips, we will be able to share an appetizer and be done with it, super cheap dates we will be!