Monday, July 31, 2006

Hooray for good sewing machines!

I've fallen in love with my mother's sewing machine. The kind of love that, were it directed toward a human, would be considered superficial. "It's so handsome... strong and silent... nice biceps." Ok, well maybe not the biceps. But seriously, no tangling bobbin threads, smooth and quiet motor, sleek and spiffy design, and nifty little storage compartments built into the machine itself. No searching high and low for the box containing my extra feet, no! Not with this beauty.

Mom's machine is the same brand as mine (Bernina) but her's is about 10 years newer. It's awesome! I used it to finish up the bag I'm making for the swap (will post photos once my partner receives!) and it was no trouble at all.

My precious. I wants it.

If only I had money.


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