Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cats in the Night

So y'all have heard me rant on our kitten, Tweek. Tweekie McTweekersons. Well he's got a new name now. Spazmondo the Psychotic Feline. Last night, The Boy and I went out to get some late night fast food. It was a normal night, dark and chilly and smelling of fires in fireplaces. Cozy Flagstaff. Then the storm broke.

We no more than cracked the door to come in when Tweek streaked out into the front yard. Too stunned to close the door fast enough, Frodo was able to follow. Normally when the boys get out, they go down two apartments and flop in the dirt to roll around. Nope. Not this time. Tweek takes off at light speed. I mean seriously people, he was a streak. You couldn't have told the difference between him and any other cat.

So the boys race around the back of the building and into darkness. I grabbed the treat jar and started rattling. I hear a galloping noise and some strange cat-like grumblings. Fur flies past my feet. Then Tweek approaches me in the hopes of treats. I grab him, hand him to The Boy who promptly puts Tweek inside. NO! Tweek escapes again, although luckily contained by the back yard fence. Quickly grabbed and stuffed inside, I go in search of Frodo.

Frodo totally blends into the shadows. He's the Ninjacat. Luckily for me, the neighbors cat was staring intently at a corner of its yard so I was able to find the Fro. I called him once and he came over like "Hey mom, there's cat poop in this yard. I was just smelling it, but I'll go inside now." The ordeal over, I take my cat and go home.


And Tweek escapes AGAIN! This time he's running light speed across the front yard, back and forth, back and forth. His tail is bushy. He's doing the sporadic kitten-jumping-sideways-while-running thing, and generally being completely insane. It takes The Boy and I almost 20 minutes to catch the little bastard. If that wasn't enough, we then had to listen to Tweek wail and moan at the doors of the house begging to be let out.

I swear, I don't know how we deal with him.


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Krafty Kitten said...

Hehehe "Ninjacat" XD

When he was a wee one, Lil' Kitty used to make a mad dash out the door every time he saw it open. Luckily he'd just go up under the stairs and into the bushes. He was pretty easy to catch.
But Snarf had a different technique for traumatizing me in that apartment. My roommate would forget to close the sliding glass door in his room that led to the one of the balconies (his cat was inside/outside so he wasn't very careful) and Narfie would go out there and climb on the roof! The first time this happened I freaked out. I never let my babies outside. I was getting ready to go out and ended up balanced on a barstool, in my towel (was too freaked to get dressed first lol) trying to lure him down. Finally got him down that time. Then he managed to spend the night up there once when I wasn't home. Came in covered in tar (he's mostly pristine white w/ orange tabby) and it took him a week to get it all off. :P
Silly critters.
Narf's last adventure lasted A WEEK! I would have had a heart attack and died over this if I hadn't been hopped up on percoset from oral surgery. ;P I eventually had to crawl under the neighbor's nasty ass pool house to drag him out. The things I do for my cats! Nearly killed my dad for leaving the door open too. Now there must be a guard at the door if it's open for the dogs. He likes to eye it from time to time but I let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he's not to pull that crap again!

BTW, I think it's too funny that we both have the same name, tons of critters, and refer to the boyfriends as "the boy." Oh, and I had a pair of glasses just like the ones in your userpic until they disappeared last year.
*doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo* (uh, the twilight zone theme doesn't translate into words very well. lol)