Sunday, October 01, 2006

OMG Productivity!

So this weekend was nice 'n relaxing. The Boy and I played World of Warcraft a lot, and then he took me out to a burger joint for a date. I loves me flame grilled cow. But aside from that, we've done a whole lotta nothing this weekend. I've been taking many naps. That's about it... until tonight. I got really angry at how dirty the house is (see earlier post), so tonight I decreed that the kitchen be cleaned. I would have taken some before photos, but I don't want Cat Protective Services to come and take away my babies. But voila! Here is my cleaned kitchen in all it's tiny, cramped glory.

This photo is not as impressive, as the refrigerator blocks the cleaned countertop.
And here is the more impressive side of the kitchen. Check out those countertops, y'all. And the whiteness of the stove. I scrubbed that thing back to it's rented glory.

And The Boy also helped me hang the stained glass that I got from my mom (ignore the pathetic plant, I'm trying to save it).

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