Monday, October 16, 2006

Unproductivity and Felting

Today has been spent mooning over new projects and not working on any current ones. I'm planning on knitting Sandy from Big Girl Knits, and I'm still working out what colors and changes I am going to make. On the upside, I did finish knitting my mother's scarf. It's in Patons Bohemian, and I will get a pic of her wearing it when she visits cold Flagstaff.

Over the weekend, I was productive. I finished and felted my new bag. I knit it out of Paintbox in a lovely blue and purple mix. However, when I pulled it out of the washer, it had holes! Two large holes! People, I'm talking holes the size of half dollars, not dimes. I swore loudly and still can't figure out how that happened, unless the makers of Paintbox did something to denature the wool. All is not lost, as I plan to sew in a pocket and use one hole as a cell phone pouch. The other hole I'm going to disguise with some sort of felted flower. It is sitting in shame in my mom's washing room. I'm not sure if I forgot it, or left it purposely out of spite and frustration. But anyway, on her visit she will bring it and I can hopefully salvage the thing.



Karin said...

I've never heard of that happening!! Was it like at a seam that wasn't sewn properly or just right in the middle? Either way, that sucks.

CraftyHobbit said...

No! It was right in the middle of the fabric. I was definately f*&@#$ off when I saw it.