Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dog for sale, $1.99/lb.

Sometimes I think I understand what it is like to have a small child. My dog (ok, she's a puppy still but I don't wanna give her any excuses) is like having a herd of 3 year olds running unsupervised through the house. Last night, we fell asleep with Lucy laying between our feet. We awoke with Lucy laying between our feet. I sauntered on downstairs to take the precious dog out for morning potty time, and I beheld this:

(caption reads: "Note the proximity of the untouched toy box to the center of destruction.")

My first instinct was to track down the dog and throttle her. Then I decided to take her out to potty instead, since it would mean less mess for me to pick up in the long run. Seriously though, I don't know how to keep this from happening. I'm guessing most people with dogs run into the same thing, based on the photos I've seen posted. I'll get over being angry, but it will probably take some caffeine and a few cigarettes.

Bonus shot:

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Anonymous said...

We used to have that happen too - each garbage can would be overturned and its contents spread hither and yon. Not by a mere puppy either!
It ended up that putting the garbage can in each room on top of something - a table or a counter.

Most of the garbage cans still reside on a counter or a table even now - and it has been over two years since that tactic has been necessary. She is gone, but her influence remains.

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