Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not much to update

Crafts are on hold while I take back my home. Now that I am once again blessedly without roommate, I shall have a second bedroom solely for my crafty goodness. The catch is, I have to move all my stuff in there. Being exhausted from saturday's move and today's "putting guest bed together and cleaning," I am going to wait for my boyfriend so he can do the heavy lifting. I admit it, I have too many bloody desks. I have this thing for desks I guess, not unlike having a thing for pens. I collect both. Since I went to college, I have had 6 desks. The most recent addition was this monstrosity:

It was nice having so much space, but the thing took up a god-awful amount of room. Sadly, the right wing of the desk kind of disintegrated when I moved last. So now I have it MacGyvered using a scrap of wood, a filing cabinet, and a piece of yet another broken desk (not mine this time, amazing eh?). So anyway, this desk is mostly for computing, homework, and crafts that require a hard surface.

Another desk came into being for my sewing machine. I <3 <3 <3 it!
So anyway, add those two pieces of furniture, plus two large bookshelves, and a metric fuckton of craft/office supplies, and you'll understand why I'm waiting for burly boyfriend to come move stuff.


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