Saturday, June 17, 2006

So tired.

Mom showed me her knitting. She's now learned to cast on (!) and has knitted about 4 inches of the scarf she is making. I started her learning just knit stitch. When she finishes this scarf, she should be the lord and master of knit stitch and I will set her a task in purling. Oh happy day. I'm really very proud of her.

That was the good part of my parents' visit.

The bad part was that they came to help me move out my roommate to his new apartment. We couldn't have done it without my dad. He's a hero. Anyway, got up at 6:30am which is WAY too early for a night owl like me. Moved, loaded, huffed, and puffed till around 10:30am when we finally were able to drive all his sh*t to the new place. And let me say he's got a lot of sh*t. Of course he's got nothing on me, but the majority of my massive amount of stuff is crafting related. So it took us until about 1pm to unload the thing. Seriously, my dad is superman. I'm going to make him a pair of blue FuzzyFeet slippers to keep him warm at their cold house in winter. Currently he wears a pair I made for my mom, but those are pink... and my dad's too macho for pink slippers.

I wonder, if a man won't wear pink, is that because he's TOO macho or not macho enough? Food for thought anyway.


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