Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Computers and cookies and Christmas

It's 2 weeks till finals and we've all been a little crazy around here. Large presentation due the yesterday, and even larger SQL project due Thursday. I've been dividing my time between homework and baking christmas cookies. I thought a little baking and a little sugar might ease my tired ol' brain. And Christmas is quickly approaching. I started the decorating (photos coming when I get time) and the X-mas knitting. And today it finally started snowing for the first time this winter, so I also spent some time prancing around outside. I have to confess, I actually did prance. I've missed my hand-knit hats and scarves. Sadly all gloves have been given away. OH NO! Excuse to make more gloves. *score* I really hope there's a white Christmas this year. We had a brown and wet one last year, and from my experience not very many good things are both brown and wet.

I'll post photos of the cookies and other stuffs after the rush of finals are over.

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