Friday, March 09, 2007

Abcessed with a mother's intuition

Two nights ago, I was frantically studying for a test and preparing for two job interviews (nailed one of them, by the way). Frodo, as usual, was in my way wanting to be petted. I was scratching his neck when I felt a huge bump. It was the size of a large olive (oh, by the way I'm not eating olives anymore) and kind of soft. It was about 1am, so I decided to get to bed and call the vet in the morning.

So after an insane day of feeling like a dumbass and taking that damned test, I hurried Frodo off to the vet. By this time he was starting to act lethargic, and you could feel he was running a temperature. We waited a short time at the vet, while Frodo became angry at being cooped up in his carrier. But he seemed to forget his anger when the vet tech took him out and patted on him. Little did he know. I don't think the hissing started until he had the thermometer shoved up his bum. That made him mad, as would I have been in his situation. He got so angry in fact, the vet tech couldn't finish the temp reading. However his temp was already 105 so she knew he had a fever. The vet comes in, and, within seconds of feeling the bump, diagnosed it as an abscess most likely the result of rough cat-on-cat play fighting (fuckin' Tweek). Frodo must be drained. They tried to give him local, but apparently he disagreed with that idea so the vet had to fully put him under. When it was done, I was given medicine and a very angry cat to take home.

However, the good news is that Frodo is doing fine. In fact, as soon as I got him home and out of the carrier, he began ceremoniously licking his butt. His fever is gone now, and he's been eating and drinking just fine. This morning he's still a little lazy, but can you blame him? Dude had stuff shoved up his ass and drained outta his neck. But the upside is that I get extra cuddles from him during this convalescing period. A mother's intuition, I tell ya. Glad I took him to the vet.

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