Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wedding Progress

Well, I'm zeroing in on a centerpiece design for our wedding. I wanted to do something clear with candles, but not flowery or prissy. Then I thought of using coffee beans. They are such a gorgeous color, and aesthetically interesting to boot. There was some debate on how to do the candles, but I found some really cheap votive glasses at IKEA and they fit perfectly. Now the only task is to figure out a way to decorate the glass with our names and the wedding date. I was thinking of etching it onto the glass but I'm not sure. My other idea is to tie a silver ribbon around the bottom and put a tag with our names on it. After the wedding, guests are welcome to take these home. The glass is actually a compote glass, so it can be used for desserts and things. I'm all for double tasking objects.

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