Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Knitting, Australopithecines, and Darth Vader

What part about "I need to just sit down and finish one... just one... of my poor forgotten projects" did I not understand? I got into a knitting frenzy this last weekend, and now I have more unfinished projects!!!! I was working on a scarf for a friend of mine... just stash busting really. See, awhile ago I got over-ambitious and thought "Hey, what would be fun to knit? I know! A stockinette stitch black sweater!" And that is how I ended up with about 10 skeins of black boring Caron Simply Soft. Well, I guess it's better than having 10 skeins of red heart. At least this stuff is actually soft. Anyway I also knitted one of Knucks. So even though that one glove is done, it doesn't have a mate and therefore sits, as Kim puts it, in the Knitting Basket of Shame.

In other musings, I was up till 4am last night talking with my boyfriend about various things. The first was a 30 minute lecture on Australopithecus afarensis. I know, its sad that I know the latin name. But oh well. We got to talking about Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles (which he's read) and the theory that Jesus was a vampire. Amusing. As if that weren't enough, I started blabbing about medieval history, and how I enjoy that era the most. And then there was the discussion of Constantine and the Roman Empire. Oh yes, we talked about many things.

Our evening ended on a more contemporary note. We were discussing what it is that makes Darth Vader so awesome. His view is that Vader is a very Git'R'Done type of leader. I argued that it is Vader's incredible stillness that makes him great. I mean think about it. The Emperor is essentially a chatty cathy doll, who is always yapping and yammering about something. Vader is stealty and silent. Much more imposing in my opinion.

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