Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Received from my first real swap.

I got my bag from my first real Craftster swap the other day. OMG it rawks.
I love the material! Among the loot are some amazing stitch markers, cat themed patches, a couple of journals and some yarn. Was so happy to get the package. Everything was so awesome.

Last night I made some earrings too. First earrings I've ever made really. Finaly busted up one of the old keyboards I got at the thrift store for $1. They're just keys with some random beads. I didn't have any resistors so I couldn't use them, and the keyboard's resistors didn't have long enough tails to make them worthwhile harvesting. Still, I'm happy with the result. I've been making stitchmarkers like a mad hatter (or mad stitchmarker-er?) but I'm too tired to take photos right now.

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