Thursday, August 10, 2006

Works in Progress

That amuses me. Works in Progress. In my house, they're called Works making no Progress. I currently have two pairs of socks, a tank top (which I started a loooooong time ago), two scarves (one started over a year ago), a dish cloth, a hat, and Kate sitting around all sad because they are not being worked on. For some reason I've developed real knitting ADD lately. It's normal for me to have a battleground of unfinished projects strewn helplessly around my house. But this is rediculous. And I keep planning the next shawl, or hat, or something that I'm going to make. I need to just sit down and finish one... just one... of my poor forgotten projects. If for no other reason than I need the damn needles and I don't want to buy a duplicate set. I know, I know, I could thread a lifeline through the work and just take the needles... but then I know I'd never finish the project because it would require reinsertion of said needles. And let's face it, I'm too damned lazy to do that.

On the upside, I finally finished the bag I was making for the Caftster Fill A Purse Swap. I also got it sent out a few days early. This is unheard of. I still have a package sitting around for my friend's Christmas present. That's Christmas as in Christmas '05. In fairness to me, I sent the thing out in Feb. and it came back to me in late May for some unknown reason. But still, now you understand the proudness of getting something mailed out early!

Back to knitting, I have decided my next project will be a Kitty Pi. Lord knows my cats are spoiled brats (HA! that rhymed!), but I don't make them wear hats, and I call Mia "fats." And ok I'll stop with the bad cat poetry now. The cats really do need a new kitty bed though. My hope is they'll love it, sleep in it, and in doing so deposit all their hair instead of depositing their shed all over my couch. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Sorry, no photos today. Like I said, I'm lazy.

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