Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boring old update

It's been really hard to think of interesting things to say every day. I'm not at home, so I don't have any crafting going on. I don't cook lately. Even the dogs are down with the husband. So all I can really do right now is update some of the benign aspects of my life. I got new glasses today. I can see clearly (YAY), but 3 people in my department have the same frames... and they're all guys. I think I bought dude glasses. But oh well, I fit in right? I look like an Analyst now.

Been looking for affordable rentals around here. Found a few out in the Mountainaire area of Flagstaff. They're small and not totally cheap, but very charming. One is an A-frame, but I think it will be nixxed because it is smaller and more expensive than the other place. Still, the other place isn't much bigger (maybe 50 square feet), but it's $150 cheaper. We'll see. I've only just started to look.

Tomorrow's Friday, so I will not be blogging. I am planning on blogging on Sunday with a recap of the weekend. I just am so wiped when I get to Phoenix on Friday nights, and then Saturday sometimes I don't get online. Besides, who wants to blog when you're seeing your husband for 48 hours all damned week.

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